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Important Guidance on Eviction

Important Guidance on Eviction

By Susan Bereche, Staff Attorney

Although we’ve already posted information regarding the moratorium on evictions, several clients have had questions regarding their rights and obligations during the pandemic.  After some additional research re: housing issues, we may wish to inform our clients of the following:

a) All eviction proceedings are suspended until June 19th; this includes the execution of any eviction orders issued prior to March 20th.

b) Tenants of all types of residences are protected by this suspension, including those renting apartments or rooms in hotels and those renting single rooms in boarding houses or private houses.  

c) Tenants may call 9-1-1 to report an illegal eviction.  This includes instances where a landlord attempts to forcibly remove them from the premises or where the tenant is denied access to the premises or their belongings.  Tenants may contact the Suffolk County Sheriff at (631) 852-5621 to report any harassment inflicted upon them by their landlord.

d) Tenants must be aware that their obligation to pay rent is continuing and, although their landlord cannot petition the court to evicted them on this ground until June 19th, tenants are still be liable to their landlords for any rent from March 20th through June 19th.  Additionally, unless a landlord has agreed to waive any late fees in writing, tenants will be liable for late charges at the rates stated in their leases or other occupancy agreements.