Suffolk County Fatherhood Initative The Suffolk County Fatherhood Initiative is a community-level program funded by the Administration for Children and Families.  The major emphasis of the program is to address economic stability, responsible parenting, and healthy marriage/long term relationships that will provide positive outcomes for fathers and youth.  For more information about Suffolk County Fatherhood Initiative call 631.761.8518 or click the link above.

Enough is Enough This program was started by New York State law 129B in July of 2015.  This law, considered the most aggressive policy in the nation to combat sexual violence on college campuses, mandates Enough is Enough programs to provide education and awareness to college students on topics such as domestic violence, dating violence, sexual violence, stalking, healthy relationships, healthy sexuality, creating new social norms, and healthy boundaries.  Our Project Coordinator provides these services to colleges in Suffolk County and assists in implementation on the campuses and guidance in regards to this legislation. For more information on New York State Law 129B, the Enough is Enough Law, click the link above.

Structured Help Anti-Violence Re-Education Program (SHARP) – SHARP is an educational program designed to work toward respectful and healthy relationships for people who have chosen hurtful, controlling, abusive, and/or violent behavior toward an intimate partner.  SHARP conducts educational sessions within a group format while working to provide feedback and intervention on each individual participant’s patterns of hurtful behavior. Educational lessons include discussion of “what counts as violence / abuse,” “respectful/disrespectful communication,” “healthy relationships,” “effects of domestic violence on women/children,” and several other topics focused on working toward identifying personal choice, attitude, and behavior as well as the motivations and beliefs behind these patterns.  SHARP is a 32-session class, which includes a six-session assessment period where each participant’s patterns and goals for change are identified. Participants are either mandated by the court, required to attend by the Department of Social Services (CPS), or they enroll voluntarily.” For more information about The SHARP program call 631.761.8518.