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Teen Leadership Project The Retreat Teen Leadership Project works to “prevent abuse and promote respect” in all relationships and to help support the Retreat. The focus is not just of domestic violence, but all types of relationship abuse including bullying and harassment, sexual assault, and teen dating violence. Teens from East End schools work together, learning about violence prevention and promoting awareness and safety in the community.  Students earn community service credits, are eligible to earn The Retreat’s Community Service Leadership Certificate, and can apply to join The Retreat’s Teen Executive Council.

In-School Violence Prevention Education – The Retreat’s in-school education program effectively helps children and teenagers build self-esteem while enabling them to identify and understand how to deal with problem situations on the playground, in their home, or in dating relationships. Through these programs, children learn at an early age that violence is unacceptable.  We also educate the community via workshops and presentations about domestic violence, including bullying and dating violence. To request an educational program, please complete this form and return to

Long Island Safer Bars Initiative – The initiative is a coalition of Long Island organizations working with nightlife communities to implement violence prevention strategies.

S.H.A.P.E. – Sexual Harassment and Abuse Prevention Education partners with community libraries to provide sexual violence and intimate partner violence prevention programs to youth populations.

Take Charge! – The Retreat’s Take Charge! program provides career guidance, financial education, and job readiness to our clients.