The Retreat’s researched-based, evidence-informed, interactive workshops engage students to build awareness and skills.

All of The Retreat’s in-school violence prevention programs are aligned with National and New York Health Education Standards and Social-Emotional Learning Benchmarks and Dignity Act (DASA).

For more information on any of these programs or to schedule a workshop, please call The Retreat administrative office at 631-329-4398 or email

– Hands Are Not For Hitting: Bullying & Abuse Prevention (Elementary School)

The Hands Are Not for Hitting workshop series is a research-based, evidence-informed violence and abuse prevention program for elementary school students. This interactive, multimedia program offers students strategies for safely and responsibly connecting with others.

Hands Are Not for Hitting:

  • Promotes self-confidence and healthy relationships
  • Highlights communication strategies to resolve conflict
  • Explores recognizing and responding to bullying 
  • Teaches staying safe while connecting online
  • Provides social and emotional learning and skill-building  

– Respect in Relationships: Setting and Respecting Boundaries (Middle School)

Respect in Relationships is an evidence-informed relationship abuse prevention workshop series that explores the dynamics of healthy and unhealthy friendships and early dating relationships. Respect in Relationships engages participants with a multimedia curriculum that includes discussion, short videos, role-plays, and interactive games. 

Respect in Relationships workshops help young teens:

  • Build self and social awareness
  • Recognize and respect boundaries 
  • Respectfully communicate needs and feelings
  • Respond assertively to peer pressure

– #NotForMe: Sexual Harassment Prevention (Middle School)

#NotForMe is an interactive, multimedia sexual harassment prevention workshop series for middle school students that provides strategies to understand and appropriately respond to a wide range of hurtful behaviors. 

The #NotForMe workshops:

  • Explore the difference between flirting and hurting
  • Help participants recognize and respond to all forms of sexual harassment, including comments, suggestive gestures, explicit social media posts, and unwanted touching
  • Empower participants to identify when, where, and how to get help

– Healthy Relationships Don’t Hurt: Power & Control in Relationships (High School)

The Healthy Relationships Don’t Hurt workshop series is an evidence-informed relationship abuse prevention program that explores the dynamics of healthy and unhealthy relationships and promotes self-awareness and responsible behavior. Through discussion, videos, role-plays, and small-group activities, teens learn strategies to prevent and respond to unhealthy relationships.  

Healthy Relationships Don’t Hurt program highlights include:

  • Recognizing the signs of healthy and unhealthy relationships
  • Practicing safe and realistic bystander intervention tactics 
  • Preventing sexual violence, including harassment & rape
  • Supporting targets of abuse in safe and helpful ways  
  • Developing skills to promote respectful communication

– Navigating Consent: Sexual Assault Prevention for Young Adults (High School/College)

Navigating Consent is an evidence-informed sexual abuse prevention workshop/assembly for high school and incoming college students that encourages teens to establish, recognize, and respect healthy boundaries in intimate relationships. This interactive, multimedia program engages teens and builds knowledge around self-awareness and respectful communication. 

Navigating Consent:    

  • Explores the key components of consent in relationships 
  • Teaches pro-active, non-victim-blaming, safety planning
  • Helps teens recognize and respond to sexually abusive behavior
  • Empowers students to intervene safely and effectively
  • Reviews accessing resources and support available to teens who have been subjected to abuse 

– Teen Leaders: Community Ambassadors and Advocates (High School/College)

The Retreat’s Teen Leaders learn to prevent abuse and promote respect in all relationships and help build awareness for The Retreat. The focus is not simply on domestic and dating violence, but on all types of relationship abuse including bullying, relational aggression, street harassment, sexual abuse, as well as skill-building for healthy relationships and friendships. Teens work together, learning about violence prevention and leadership to promote awareness and safety in the community.  

Teen Leaders:

  • Participate in training and development workshops  
  • Design and lead innovative independent and group outreach projects to build awareness
  • Serve as peer educators and The Retreat’s ambassadors
  • Earn community service credit and are eligible to earn The Retreat’s Community Service Leadership Certificate

The Retreat’s Teen Leadership program is customizable to meet the needs of your school or community group.  

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