The Retreat’s researched-based, evidence-informed, interactive workshops engage students to build awareness and skills.

All of The Retreat’s in-school violence prevention programs are aligned with National and New York Health Education Standards and Social-Emotional Learning Benchmarks and Dignity Act (DASA).

For more information on any of these programs or to schedule a workshop, please call The Retreat administrative office at 631-329-4398 or email

– Hands Are Not For Hitting: Bullying & Abuse Prevention (Elementary School)

Bullying and abuse prevention and support, conflict resolution. More details here.

– Respect in Relationships: Setting and Respecting Boundaries (Middle School)

Building awareness about healthy and unhealthy friendships and early dating relationships. More details here.

– #NotForMe: Sexual Harassment Prevention (Middle School)

Responding in safe and healthy ways to harassment. More details here.

– Healthy Relationships Don’t Hurt: Power & Control in Relationships (High School)

Teen dating violence prevention. Intervention and support skill-building strategies. More details here.

– Navigating Consent: Sexual Assault Prevention for Young Adults (High School/College)

Promotes self and social awareness, resources and support, bystander intervention. More details here.

– Teen Leaders: Community Ambassadors and Advocates (High School/College)

Peer-education and youth leadership training. Community service projects preventing abuse and promoting respect in all relationships. More details here.