For more information on any of these programs or to schedule a workshop, please call The Retreat administrative office at 631-329-4398 or email

– Teen Leaders: Community Ambassadors and Advocates (High School and College Students)

Peer education and leadership training program, mentoring in healthy relationships. More information here.

– Enough is Enough: Combating Sexual Assault on College Campuses (Colleges and Universities)

Comprehensive violence prevention education programming for students, staff, and faculty.

– Take Charge: Financial Independence Education (Survivors, Youth)

Financial independence and career-readiness for survivors of abuse and teens.

– SHAPE: Sexual Harassment and Abuse Prevention Education (Libraries, Teens, Communities)

Neighborhood project using the local library as a partner to implement prevention programs to community youth. More information here.

– Long Island Safer Bars (Communities)

Violence prevention programming and consultation for communities rich in nightlife. More information here.

– Long Island Fatherhood Initiative (Fathers and Significant Father Figures)

A community-level program promoting healthy relationships for fathers and youth. More information here.

– SHARP: Structured Help and Antiviolence Re-education Program (Court-Mandated and Self-Referred Abusers/Batterers)

A multi-session group program for people who have chosen abusive behavior.