Retreat Volunteer Appreciation Event at The Nature Conservancy, April 3, 2019

Long-time volunteer, and current part-time employee, Shirley Katz reminded everyone just how important volunteers are to The Retreat: we wouldn’t exist without them. At our Volunteer Appreciation event on April 3, she recounted when she began volunteering in the early 1990s. At that time, The Retreat only had a small office on Goodfriend Drive. No shelter, no offices in other towns, no advocates in court, no in-school educators. Women and families in need of shelter were taken into the homes of community members who carried pagers with them so they could be contacted day or night.

In the past 30 years, the scope of The Retreat’s programs has grown dramatically and so has the scope of how volunteers support our staff and clients.

We brought many of our current volunteers together to thank them for their dedication and recognize their contributions to our work. We were surprised when they thanked us for the opportunity we have given them. We truly could not ask for more of these amazing individuals.