The National Coalition Against Domestic Violence has just announced the workshops for this year’s national conference Voices in Action, which includes a workshop led by The Retreat’s Prevention Education Director, Helen Atkinson-Barnes, along with Prevention Education Specialist Ava Locks, and Retreat Teen Leader and Brown University student Margaret Atkinson-Barnes, titled Navigating Boundaries in Teen Relationships:¬†Activities to Engage, Educate and Build Awareness.

The Retreat Education team will lead participants through a series of activities designed to explore strategies for asserting and respecting boundaries in relationships; guiding participants through personal space, listening and conflict resolution exercises; recognizing and exploring particular challenges inherent both in verbal and non-verbal communication and in situations when power differentials exist between people. These activities have been developed and tested in partnership with high school participants in The Retreat’s Teen Leadership Project and shared throughout the East End of Long Island via The Retreat’s original in-school violence prevention education workshop series, “Healthy Relationships Don’t Hurt” and “Navigating Consent.”