The Long Island Safer Bars Initiative is a collaboration between The Retreat, The Safe Center LI, and LI Against Domestic Violence. Together we are creating programs in Suffolk and Nassau Counties to reduce instances of sexual violence against all individuals.

Sexual violence is a public health issue and alcohol use has been shown to increase the instances of sexual violence. At least 50% of college student assaults are associated with alcohol use. In 81% of alcohol-related sexual assaults, both the victim and the perpetrator consumed alcohol. 

The Safer Bars Initiative works to implement prevention programs in communities that are rich in nightlife. We are able to teach the staff of these establishments to:

  • recognize behavioral red flags
  • identify instances of sexual violence
  • intervene in situations that have the potential to become violent
  • create safe spaces and change social norms
  • create policies that ensure sustainability over time

To become a certified “Safer Bar,” any alcohol-serving establishment must have 70% of their staff trained. The evidence-based program, created by The University of Arizona, is provided at no charge.

For more information on the program, contact Nicole Keller at 631-761-8518 or

Find us on Facebook at Long Island Safer Bars Initiative and on Instagram at LI Safer Bars

Funded through the New York State Department of Health, Health Research Inc.