The Retreat provided 4911 safe nights to families fleeing from violence, answered an average of eight calls to the hotline each day, and provided comprehensive services to thousands of people for free. How do we do it? Volunteers.

Retreat volunteers are ambassadors; they represent us during programs, at events, and even interacting with their friends and family. They volunteer at the shelter, answer the hotline, drive clients to appointments, help with administrative functions, and sort numerous item donations. 

At The Retreat we encourage our volunteers to find where they fit, to bring their unique skills and passion to their role. That means volunteers may teach meditation or Reiki, cook dinner for the Shelter families, make pinch pots with the children, or run a marathon to raise funds.

Moreover, volunteers lend their expertise. The Retreat functions through a number of Committees, where members offer their skills in helping lead the organization. We have attorneys, construction experts, physicians and medical students, artists, and marketing gurus. All people who share in their knowledge to help The Retreat.

The best of what Retreat volunteers share is of themselves. The compassion our volunteers show to the people we serve is an inspiration for us all. It is stressful for the people who find themselves in need of the services provided by The Retreat, and the words and actions of those helping go a long way toward keeping their dignity and helping them feel safe.